Rider Guidelines

Our goal is to provide a safe and beneficial experience for our riders, volunteers, horses and staff. To do so, we rely on all of our families to follow these guidelines.


  • All new students will be evaluated prior to acceptance in the program.
  • Once a student is accepted, on-going evaluations will determine if riding therapy continues to be beneficial and our horses and volunteers are able to safely and effectively accommodate the student.
  • Approved helmets must be worn at ALL MOUNTED TIMES.
  • Any students riding in stirrups must use NARHA approved safety stirrups. (Peacock, Devonshire, Endurance).
  • All releases, medical forms and doctors consent forms must be updated annually prior to participation in classes.
  • All students with Down Syndrome must have Atlantoaxial instability verification annually from their doctors on file.
  • All students MUST have 2 doctor prescriptions on file with the farm – one from a general physician and one from a specialist or approved therapist, stating that the rider is fit to participate.

Cancellations & Weather

  • If a rider has to cancel, a call to both the farm and your Volunteer Coordinator should be made AHEAD of his/her scheduled day. See our full attendance policy below.
  • If we do not have enough volunteers present to provide a safe ride, sessions may be canceled.
  • If the weather is below 32 degrees or there is snow/ice, sessions may be canceled.
  • If there is a severe thunderstorm, mounted sessions may be canceled.

Rider Attire & Equipment

  • All riders should be dressed in proper riding attire!
  • Long pants and shoes or boots with a heel are required.
  • Approved helmets must be worn at all times.
  • Dangling jewelry may be unsafe and should not be worn!
  • NO perfume or cologne, as it can attract insects.
  • NO open-toe shoes, sandals, dress shoes, shorts or skirts are allowed.
  • If you need help finding appropriate attire for your rider, just ask!


  • Rider’s siblings and/or friends must be directly supervised by a parent or adult while on the farm.
  • Do not bring your pets.
  • Stay in the designated waiting areas until class begins.
  • Parents – please do not leave the farm during your riders lesson.
  • Parents – there is NO DROP OFF POLICY – please supervise your rider before and after class.
  • Call the barn AND your Volunteer Coordinator if your rider is unable to come to a lesson
  • Do not give treats to the horses.

Our Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken at every lesson through our sign-in sheets.

If a rider is unable to attend a lesson, the barn and Volunteer Coordinator must be contacted as soon as possible.

Advance notice is very important to ensure proper care of the horses and proper use of our volunteers. If you know a rider cannot attend a future lesson, advise us in writing as soon as possible so we can make the necessary staff/horse adjustments.

If a rider is unable to attend a lesson and we do not receive a call, it will be considered a “no show

Due to the size of our program and the number of families on our waiting list:

  • Three “no shows” in one program season will result in the rider being moved into appointment-based lessons. This means that the rider will no longer have a set class in which to ride, but lessons will continue by appointment only.
  • Six “no shows” in one program season will result in the rider being removed from the active program.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time.
Tack will be removed from horses 10 minutes past class start time.
Latecomers will disrupt the class and will not be permitted to ride.

  • Click here to view our list of Volunteer Coordinators.
  • Click here to view additional contact info.