Mount to Dismount

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For every hour a child rides, much more time is invested into the preparation and clean-up required for the day. Read through the timeline below for an idea of what our days are like getting ready to ride. A BIG thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who keep things in the barn moving smoothly!

Prep Time

  • Feed horses – 2 hours prior to lessons
  • Put tack together  – 5 minutes per rider
  • Prepare Stalls – Add shavings, add hay and water – 5 minutes per horse
  • Bring horses from pasture to stalls – 10 minutesper horse
  • Groom horse for class – 15 minutes per horse

Lesson Time

  • Mounting – 5 minutes per rider
  • Lesson Content  – 45 minutes
  • Dismounting – 5 minutes per rider

Clean Up Time

  • Pull tack from horse, put tack back in tack room – 10 minutes per horse
  • Brush horse and clean hooves – 10 minutes per horse
  • Take horse to correct pasture – 10 minutes per horse
  • Clean stall, empty water buckets, replenish hay and water  – 15 minutes per stall

Interested in becoming a Barn Volunteer? Download paperwork here!