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Q: How can my child become a Mitey Rider?

A: If you are interested in becoming part of the Mitey Riders family, click here to download the Rider Application Forms. Fill out these forms completely and mail them to the farm address. We will call or email you upon receipt of your forms. Also, we would love to have you visit the program and make sure it is the right activity for your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a time for a tour, and to observe a class session.

Q: How much does it cost for my child to participate each week in Mitey Riders?

A: Mitey Riders offers weekly equine therapy classes to participants free of charge. It is part of our mission to alleviate yet another cost of therapy to our families. Other similar programs in our region charge between $40-$125/hour for equine-assisted therapy. However, in exchange for our services, we do ask parents to contribute 30 hours of sweat equity each riding season. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including office work, help with our special events, side-walking with other students, or being involved on the Mitey Riders Council. Siblings, CAP workers and other family members may help contribute to the 30 hours, however, they will be logged as 1/2 hour for each hour worked, whereas parents earn a full hour of credit for each hour worked. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or click here to learn more about parent/family commitment.

Q: Do you offer Hippotherapy?

A: No, we do not currently offer a specific Hippotherapy Program. While many of our riders gain benefits related to Hippotherapy through our programs, we focus on mounted and unmounted equine-assisted therapy sessions.

Q: When do we ride?

A: Mitey Riders classes are held Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week, September to May. Click here to see all of our class times and full calendar schedule.

Q: How can I volunteer with Mitey Riders?

A: If you are interested in becoming part of the Mitey Riders family, click here to download the Volunteer Application Forms. Fill out these forms completely and mail them to the farm address. We will call or email you upon receipt of your forms. Before each riding season, we hold Volunteer Safety Orientation Sessions for ALL new and returning volunteers. Attending one of these sessions is mandatory if you wish to work directly with one of riders. Additionally, if you wish to work in the barn or with the horses, we have an additional Equine Orientation Session. These sessions are no more than 90 minutes long and take place at the farm. You can find a list of dates for Orientation Sessions here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Q: Can I earn school service hours at Mitey Riders?

A: Yes! We have many high school and homeschool students who earn service hours at Mitey Riders. Upon request we can provide you with a monthly and/or end-of-the-year letter via email with your hours from Mitey Riders.

Q: Can I do my Senior Exit Project at Mitey Riders?

A: Yes. We do have a handful of seniors who complete their Senior Exit Projects at Mitey Riders. However, you must be a current, trained volunteer in the program. Please contact us to learn more.

Q: Can a business, church, school or scout group come volunteer for a one-day project?

A: Yes! We love having community groups come to the farm and help us with larger-scale projects that we would otherwise not have the man-power to complete. Examples of these projects include painting/repairing fences, cleaning up the trails, painting barrels/cones/ring props, working at our Spring Festival and much more. All groups must be approves and scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. Click here to contact us for more information on bringing your group out to Mitey Riders!

Q: What is a Volunteer Coordinator?

A:  Each day of riding has at least one VC appointed. The VC is the go-to person for all other volunteers on that day, and he/she manages the schedule of volunteers for each class on the day they are working. In the case of rider and volunteer absences, the VC will adjust the team schedules and alert the farm to any changes.

Q: What is the Mitey Riders policy on inclement weather?

A: Classes will not occur in the case of winter weather 32 degrees and below. Additionally, if there is a thunder/lightning storm, we may not cancel classes directly, but students will not be near the horses during storms due to safety concerns. Unmounted classroom activities will be provided.

Q: What are  Mitey Riders Teams? Why are these teams formed?

A: Mitey Riders Teams are the combination of one horse, one rider and as many as three volunteers. Throughout the course of each riding season, we do our best to keep the same teams together as often as possible. The consistency built within the team allows the riders to succeed at their highest level while gaining trust in his/her horse, leader and side-walkers. While we definitely understand that our teams will not be fully available 100% of each season, know that your involvement on one of our teams means a lot to your riders success in our program!

Q: Can I be mentored to become a PATH Intl. instructor at Mitey Riders?

A: Currently, we do not offer mentoring at our facility unless otherwise scheduled with one of our Certified Instructors. We do allow those interested in PATH Intl. certification the opportunity to work within our program, however, we may not always have availability to earn teaching hours or become employed with Mitey Riders.

Q: What is a typical riding class like?

A: Each weekly class consists of 4-6 riders in a group. As riders arrive at the farm, they will meet up with their team as their horses are brought out to the mounting area for them. Once mounted, teams will warm-up in the outdoor or indoor arena until all teams are ready, at which point the session content will begin. Every week a lesson plan is developed to build on a variety of skills that challenge our riders physically, cognitively and socially. At the end of the session, riders are dismounted, they say their good-byes and we all look forward to seeing each other again!

Q: What types of activities do we do in riding class?

A: Class activities are designed to challenge and benefit our riders in physical, cognitive and social ways, and are a combination of riding skills and creative educational games. The basic riding skills we teach and develop include: walk, halt, trot, canter (when appropriate), 2-point, turning, barrel courses, cavaletti poles and more. In addition, we strengthen these skills through games such as bowling, beanbag toss, memory, matching and more. For added benefit, we take riders through our Sensory Trail?—?an interactive learning trail ride within the wooded acres of Misty Meadows Farm. Click here to learn more about the activities we do in class!

Q: What is the Mitey Riders Spring Festival?

A: The Mitey Riders Spring Festival is the very last day of riding each season, and usually falls on the first Saturday of May (specific date will change each year – check schedule to be sure!). The Spring Festival is a big day of families, friends and fun when every rider has the opportunity to show off their skills for everyone to see! We have Mitey Riders merchandise, great food and sweets, face painting, and much more for all guests to come and support our amazing riders! Click here to see photos of previous Festival days!

Q: How can I support Mitey Riders?

A: Mitey Riders could not exist without the generous support of our community. There are many ways to support our program – from volunteering to corporate matching to shopping online through iGive. Every little bit helps, and everything makes a difference. To learn how you can support Mitey Riders through donations of time or money, click here.

Q: Can I donate my horse to Mitey Riders?

A: If you have a horse or pony you feel would be well suited to our program, please click here to learn more about Horse Donations, or contact us. We have taken donations in the past, and will consider each call on a case-by-case basis. Due to the number of horses we care for, and the nature of our program, we prefer to take horses in as part of our Mitey Rider Lease Program. Click here to learn more about Horse Donations to Mitey Riders, or click here to learn more about the horses currently in our program.

Q: Can I donate tack and equipment to Mitey Riders?

A: Yes, we do accept tack and equipment donations and we are very grateful for them! However, please note we are looking for tack in excellent shape. We will not accept tack with rot, mold, bad stitching, tears, etc. The safety of our horses and riders is of the utmost importance, and that starts with the quality of our equipment. We are always in need of great saddles (14″-18″; all purpose, close contact and dressage) bridles (pony, cob, horse and oversized), and blankets/sheets (all sizes; fly, turnout, winter).