Helmet Pledge

Mitey Riders requires all riders to wear a safety-approved equestrian riding helmet EVERY TIME and ANY TIME they are on the back of a horse. Additionally, riders should purchase a new helmet after 2-3 years of use, or if the helmet has been banged around or is showing any cracks. The farm staff is happy to assist with fitting and/or purchasing riding helmets.

Because rider safety is a top priority for us, we ask all riders (and/or their families) to take our Mitey Rider Helmet Pledge:

“I, _________________, a member of the Mitey Rider community, pledge to wear a helmet every time I am on the back of a horse. I understand that the Mitey Rider staff and instructors value my body and my brain, and want to do everything in their power to keep me safe. I understand that, even though I trust my horse and know he/she is well-trained, a helmet with give me extra protection while riding. I promise to take care of my body and my brain by wearing a helmet every time I am on the back of a horse.”

> Click HERE to contact the farm for help in fitting and/or purchasing a riding helmet!